A Case for Concise Writing

I recently wrote a post about the connection distance between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. It has had had quite a few visits and comments – of which, one essentially said “Get to the point!

In his view, I could have just written: “What is the connection distance between the Apple Watch and iPhone? = 330 feet, in good conditions” and been done with my article – or at least have put that info at the top of the article.

I’ve thought about that comment since (though I’m keeping my article as is because I feel it was helpful to share my thought process) and definitely see how that is true in many cases.

Shortly after his comment, I read an article that I felt is a good example of concise writing:

The Hostile Email Landscape

It’s brief and to the point.

Seth Godin is another good example of concise writing.

Concise writing is one thing I’m working on.

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  1. Being concise is something I struggle with sometimes too. That’s something that Ryan is really good at. Writing for the newspaper will do that. He always had limited space where he had to fit in as many details as possible.

    1. I’ve thought of that too – how he learned such good skills as a writer. I agree, that is definitely something he is very good at.

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