About Me

Hello, I’m Brady Mower. I’m an iOS developer and WordPresser. I can help you build a website, launch an app, or build a business. I’m currently open to freelance and contract work (here is my resume). I have a background in business management, marketing, and design.

Want to see some of the apps I’ve built? Here are a few. Prior to iOS, I was freelancing as a WordPresser and designer for 5–6 years. I built over 60 websites. I’ve also spent a year in Italy at a cool company called Vivocha where I worked as their Business Development Manager.

Travel is a passion of mine. I loved my year in Italy, and am excited about the people and cultures of the world.

I’m excited about technology and the future. You can find me on Twitter. I write from time to time on my blog. Feel free to contact me about working on some of your (or my) interesting projects.