I Disagree with Steve Jobs – I don’t want to own my music

For some reason, I’ve thought a lot lately about Steve Jobs’ statement that: “People want to own their music.”

I love the work Steve did, and I respect his opinion. However, I don’t feel that way. I for one, don’t want to own my music.

Here’s why:

I love many different types of music. Techno, country, classical, indie, rock, hip-hop, modern, alternative, etc, etc. There are thousands of songs that I like, and, if I bought all of those songs, that would equal thousands of dollars. Then, as more music comes out, I would need to spend more money to keep up. In addition, there is all that time I would spend finding, purchasing, and downloading the songs, then organizing playlists. It takes time and money to own music.

I’m not against spending time and money one something I value, but when I can have access to MORE music, for LESS time and LESS money – – – its a no brainer for me.

I do not illegally download music in any way. I am completely against that and think it is dishonest and robs artists and musicians. It is stealing, plain and simple.

I use Pandora, and even occasionally listen to the radio. The radio bugs me most of the time, b/c most stations are still stuck in the 90’s, but times like Christmas yield great Christmas mixes on the radio.

With Pandora, I get unlimited listening, great playlists, and up-to-date music. Pandora is pretty great at making great “stations” and most of the time, I like the songs they play. If I don’t like the song, I just give it the ol’ “thumbs down” and it never plays again, or if I don’t feel like that song, I either skip it, or change stations. And the ads? They don’t bother me that much. I usually mute them anyways. To me, that is a small inconvenience for the big convenience of using Pandora. (And no, this isn’t a Pandora plug.)

So for me, I can either spend lots and time and lots of money finding and buying and managing the music I love, or I just use Pandora, and spend that time and money on something else.

Easy choice.

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  1. Well, that’s an anecdotal point from one person.

    OTOH, iTunes Music Store is doing rather well.

    And you sound like the casual listener type, not the fan type.

    1. No need for me to do rigorous analysis of the whole situation when stating what works for me.

      And I agree that the iTunes music store is clearly doing well. I have no doubts that millions of people LOVE to own their music.

      It depends on your definition of “casual listener type” and “fan type”, but more than likely, yes, I’m more of the casual listener type than the fan type.

      Are you the type of person that likes to own your own music? And if so, do you use music services like Pandora or Spotify? Just curious.

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